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Web agency

Web expertise and technical skills are at your service to offer you innovative solutions in the digital field.

Custom website

Creation of a custom website to sell your products online easily.

Mobile application

Graphic and ergonomic design of innovative mobile web solutions.

Showcase website

Showcase your company and promote your activities.

Communication strategy

Innovation for your visual communication

New trends are appearing every day in digital technology, hence the importance of innovation in a company’s communication strategy. Innovation must be fully integrated into the organization and the posture of the company.

Marketing to enhance the value of your customers.

Tips for building consumer loyalty.

Importance of the creation of enriched content.

Pervasive advertising without being intrusive.

Do you feel the need to be present on the internet?

Website creation

Web development for the creation of websites with a perfect design and efficient SEO like Mix Blog to promote the brand image of a company. There is no more important than web communication for visibility.

Search Engine Optimization for better visibility on search engine results. Google referencing is essential to get qualified traffic on a daily basis.

These tools are numerous and can be categorized as software, databases or advertising agencies. You will find free tools, other paying tools, complete or with a trial version.

Tips for your web design

The basic rules for a successful graphic design


To design a website capable of responding effectively


Aesthetic web interfaces to prove your professionalism and seriousness.


Facilitate access to online web content and services offered by your site.

Development of innovative mobile applications

A mobile application can quickly become an effective tool to help you make a business profitable provided it is innovative. It can be an asset for the marketing of your products and a support for your new marketing campaign. We design mobile websites that fit perfectly on mobile devices and tablets. Feel free to take a look at If Mag. Thanks to our expertise, it is possible to develop a promotional application, a contest application or even an online store.

Web experts at the service of your performance

Referencing methods

Optimize your visibility on search engines

Optimizing a website with SEO means applying rules and best practices to make it appeal to users as much as to the major online search engines, especially Google. It means improving the positioning of your web pages to guarantee more visits and to have high quality traffic without spending a fortune.

To improve your SEO, it is important to structure your content by choosing the best keywords according to your field of activity. You must also learn how to use backlinks and apply an effective netlinking strategy. It is also important not to neglect the presence of your brand on the various social networks.

The advantages of web marketing

Importance of digital marketing for your brand

The mission of the Community manager

Content design and writing in addition to animation and reporting are the main missions of a community manager. But that’s not all, since he also provides supervision, monitoring and presence of the company on social networks.

Preparing and launching an advertising campaign

An advertising campaign is essential to make a product attractive to Internet users. Before launching any campaign, you must choose your target, the advertising message to be conveyed and the media to be used to broadcast the advertising.

Moving towards content marketing

An essential component of inbound marketing, content marketing is a strategy based on the creation and distribution of valuable, useful and informative content. The objective is to communicate well and to convey a clear message to its audience.