Bad News - We had Termites

— revellin @ 7:38 pm

Another problem, we found little mud tubes coming up the foundation wall. Turns out they are subterranean termites. We had to have them treated with Termidor. It solved the problem but it was pretty expensive even with a 20% discount.


Sorry I haven’t been around

— revellin @ 3:32 pm

Other than being a bit under the weather I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. The death of my friend is still weighing fairly heavily although I attended an inspiring memorial service in her honor last week. I’m also mentally preparing for a friend to move an hour away which, when/if it actually happens, will mark not having any girlfriends I feel close to living near enough to see more than once in awhile. Happy for her, sad for me. I feel selfish for even thinking that way cause it’s not like we’ll never see each other again, but it’s how I feel. I’d pass it all off on some seasonal blues, but it’s been sunny and invigorating out the last few days so I can’t complain there.


Just need to get out of here

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“i am out here studying stones
trying to learn to be less alive
using all of my will
to keep very still
still even on the inside
i’ve cut all of the pertinent wires
so my eyes can’t make that connection”

The co-worker I mentioned in this post passed away last night. Turns out the cancer had already reached her lungs and brain and they sent her home to be with her husband and children until going back to the hospital became a necessity. She was removed from the respirator last evening and slipped away peacefully. I found out early this morning and have felt trapped at work since. I think I just need to get out for some fresh air and a new perspective.

I’m very glad C. went quickly and peacefully and I’m thrilled to have had such a pleasant friendship with her for the past 5 years. I’m thankful for all the great conversations over the years, her insight, and for her taking me to the local dive for lunch so that I could officially consider myself an employee here. C., you are missed.



— revellin @ 11:10 am

As I learn more about knitting and try some different cast-on styles and such I’ve found this site, to be a great resource. If you are interested in learning to knit, check this out. The videos at Common Threads are a big help as well.



— revellin @ 10:45 am

The first cold of the season is upon me…er, my head. I’m thankful to have made it well into January and I’m sure I have the ever fluctuating weather to thank for the clogged sinuses, constant sneezing, and general fuzzy feeling. So I took this opportunity to take the day off, sleep in, and lounge around. I just hope I feel better tomorrow so that I can actually enjoy some of my weekend.



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I’m having one of those weeks we’re life just rambles along. This past weekend was quite nice - the man and I went to see a few bands on Friday night and on Saturday we saw a bunch of friends. Sunday I had to myself while the man went snowboarding and it felt damn good!

The past two days have just, well, happened. Last night we did a bit of shopping and got new pillows - fluffy, fluffy pillows. I found out today that a coworker that I’m fairly close friends with has liver cancer. I don’t know much more than that, but cancer anything isn’t good. Not only that, her house is going into foreclosure. They are trying to sell it through a Realtor before the bank actually auctons it off.

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